Giles Hedley and the Aviators


My new solo album "Rain is such a Lonesome Sound" is getting an enthusiastic reception! Blues Radio presenters are saying things like "absolutely terrific", "made the hair on my neck stand up", "I'm playing it as much at home as on the radio" and "brilliant new album". I'm getting requests from European and American presenters who've heard about it on the blues grapevine - it has been number 6 in the Independent Blues Broadcasters Association playlist for March and April, and number 18 for the first half of the year overall.

Blues Matters' reviewer Andy Snipper said: "There are probably a hundred thousand guys out there who play classic songs on an acoustic guitar and call them blues but the number who can actually make the songs relevant and set  the hairs on the back of your neck on edge can be counted on your fingers and toes - Giles Hedley is one... Hedley somehow gives them a whole new relevance - 21st century music played just like the originals... Artists of the quality of Giles Hedley are rare and the ability to make this music, so familiar, sound fresh and not hackneyed is a wondrous thing..."

"Blues in Britain" called it: "the authentic feel of country blues with fine guitar and his legendary harp prowess ... a great introduction to the master craftsman".

"R2" magazine wrote: "a wonderfully authentic roots musician ... laid back yet technically complex"

I'm especially delighted because the album was recorded and produced by my old friend and bassist Richard Sadler, who after 25 years knows me and my my music better than anyone. I've never felt so relaxed in a studio, which gives the album a very intimate feel, and allowed me to take big risks - I'm still trying to work out how I played some of the licks! It was mastered by the justly renowned Duncan Cowell and designed by Marie Little.

I'm also chuffed that the album will be distributed here and in France by Ace Records, so you can get it from Amazon or your favourite blues stockist - as well as direct from me, of course!

Our CD, "So Glad I'm Living", recorded in Christophe's excellent Studio du Flâneur ( in Rouen, is going down well! Paul Jones gave it some airplay and called it "excellent stuff" - bless him - and DJs in France, Israel, the USA and even Australia are also featuring it. Christophe Mourot in Soul Bag, France's principal blues, soul, funk and gospel magazine, gave it 3 stars and praised its "blues rugueux, terrien, funky", advising his readers to "découvrir sans tarder".